Why Choose Us?

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Comprehensive care for women at every age and life stage. That’s the focus of Women’s Health Services at Stony Brook Medicine. We know women typically think of using hospitals for just their childbirth needs — and at Stony Brook, because of our expertise in this area, that is often how women first find us. In fact, since we have been open, our hospital has delivered more than 100,000 babies. But as Suffolk County’s only academic medical center, we have so much more to offer women:

  • Fellowship trained physicians who specialize in how particular conditions manifest in women (heart disease, gastrointestinal issues and neurology, for example)
  • Surgeons with advanced training in laparoscopic and robotic-assisted procedures
  • Specialized mammography services that offers digital screening and 3D tomosynthesis for women with dense breast tissue for whom it can be difficult to obtain an accurate reading
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment for gynecologic cancers
  • An active midwifery practice
  • Specialists in pediatric, adolescent, midlife and senior health
  • Dozens of programs that address lifestyle issues like nutrition, exercise and smoking cessation which, in turn, impact day-to-day health
  • Support groups and community classes
  • Reproductive endocrinology and infertility experts
  • Genetic counseling
  • Access to clinical trials, new treatments and latest-generation technology
  • And, of course, our maternal child services program that offers the full range of advanced capabilities for both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies/births.

Despite Stony Brook’s commitment to offering the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options, we also understand that women’s health is both an art and a science. This translates into compassionate delivery of care, collaborative decision-making, careful listening, attention to comfort and privacy, and personalized plans of care that take into consideration your physical and emotional needs, stage of life, lifestyle and individual goals.