Watch our panel discussion on midwifery and learn how midwives work with women through all life stages.

For centuries, midwives have cared for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and their early postpartum period. In addition, midwives provide a full scope of gynecologic care throughout a woman’s life.

Stony Brook Medicine’s Midwifery team explain what midwives do, share their philosophy and passion, discuss the valuable services they offer (breastfeeding support, Centering Pregnancy, behavior health), and explain how midwives educate and empower women to live their healthiest life.  

Our Panel:
Christina Kocis, CNM, DNP– Moderator
Maria Fisher, CNM, MSN, MPH, IBLC 
Susan Liang, CNM 
Rakiya Watts, CNM
Michelle Salz, CNM, MSN 


Discussion Topics

  • What is the philosophy of midwifery?
  • How are they different than an OB?   How do they work together?
  • What are some misconceptions people may have about midwives?
  • What is Centering?
  • What is a lactation consultant and how can they help?
  • What factors should go into choosing a midwife?



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